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Chief Marketing Officer

Joe Hice


Name Title Email Phone
Steve Dapcic Deputy Director, Communications and Marketing [email protected] Main: 813.974.9082
Monica Matos Executive Director, Strategic Planning and Operations [email protected] Main: 813.974.8975 
Leni Baga Director, Event Marketing and Licensing [email protected]  Main: 813.974.9305 
Mark Leaning Creative Director [email protected] Main: 813.974.9090 
Lara Wade-Martinez Director of Media/Public Affairs  [email protected] Main: 813-974-9060
Cell: 813-833-1498  
Name Title Email Phone
Greg Berkowitz Event Marketing Coordinator [email protected] Main: 813-974-4727 
Gina D'Alessio Assistant Director, Digital [email protected] Main: 813-974-6981 
Anne DeLotto Baier Director of Communications and News  [email protected]  Main: 813-974-3303 
Kyrstin DiMercurio Graphic Designer [email protected]  Main: 813.974.4881
Rachel Easterbrook Web Copywriter [email protected] Main: 813-974-2638 
Moe Escandar Content Strategist [email protected]  Main: 813-974-0331 
Wayne Espinola Webmaster  [email protected] Main: 813-974-1591 
Adam Freeman Media/Public Affairs Manager  [email protected]  Main: 813-974-9047
Cell: 813-404-3857 
Charlotte Koh University Webmaster / Lead Front-End Developer  [email protected] Main: 813-974-9067 
Paul Latka Web Content Administrator [email protected]  Main: 813-974-4716 
Steve Long Assistant Director  [email protected]   Main: 813-974-4118 
Tina Meketa Assistant Director of National and Health Media Relations  [email protected]  Main: 813-974-3302
Aaron Nichols Assistant Director, Communications (Administrative Services)  [email protected]  Main: 813-974-0186 
Ryan Noone Multimedia Journalist  [email protected]   Main: 813.974.3302 
Jessica Rasmussen Digital Manager  [email protected]   Main: 813-974-9421 
Sandra Roa Multimedia News Manager  [email protected]  Main: 813.974.2776 
Ashley Rodrigues Digital Marketing Coordinator  [email protected]   Main: 813-974-5353 
Anne Scott Senior Graphic Designer  [email protected]  Main: 813-974-9043 
TrĂ© Smith Marketing and Creative Services Coordinator  [email protected]  Main: 813.974.4724 
Courtney Widman  Social Media Assistant [email protected] Main: 813-974-3830 
Keysha Williams  Office Manager  [email protected]   Main: 813-974-7107 
Emily Wingate Executive Assistant to AVP [email protected] Main: 813.974.6993 
Tom Woolf Associate Director, Executive Communications /Speechwriting  [email protected]   Main: 813-974-8970 
Sarah Worth Associate Director of Communications [email protected] Main: 813-974-3304
Michelle Young
Associate Director, Social Media  [email protected]  Main: 813-974-6501