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December 2017



Employees - Emotional Intelligence 

Momentum Newsletter

While your intelligence quotient (IQ) can be measured, your emotional intelligence is more abstract—and maybe more important. This month's newsletter gives you tips on how to recognize, understand and manage your emotions or feelings.

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Managers - Managing your emotions as a leader

Most people have worked for the stereotypically emotional boss—one who flies off the handle and turns up the vocal volume when provoked by stress or uncertainty. In contrast, an effective manager stays in relative control, calmly assessing the situation and identifying an appropriate path forward. This month's newsletter can help you learn how to avoid unloading irritation or anger on your staff by employing the skills of emotional intelligence.

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Embracing Life

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Monthly Webinars

Employees - Human Appreciation: Cultural Awareness in the Workplace | December 13

In this webinar, you'll learn the:

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Managers - EAP's Impact on Employee Engagement | December 6

This webinar will help leaders and HR representatives learn:

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