"Discover The *Patterns Of Excellence* That Only The TOP 1% Of Successful Individuals In The World Use To Become Extremely Rich, Successful, And Happy In Life!"

Read on to discover what these *Patterns Of Excellence* are, and how they can positively supercharge your career, finances, relationships, and success in life!

From the desk of Adam Khoo

Dear Friend,

I am certain that if you have landed on this website and you're reading this letter right now, you have this one question on your mind:

"Just what are the Patterns Of Excellence?" and...

"And what proof is there that these Patterns Of Excellence actually work?"

Ok, make that two questions. I can understand if you have a healthy dose of skepticism right now. Because there really are a lot of people and websites out there making bogus claims, and you're not sure who to believe or trust anymore.

So if I can be a 100% honest with you right now, I want to state that the Patterns Of Excellence will undoubtedly work to transform you into a mega-success.

Why do I say that?

Because I personally used the Patterns Of Excellence and I transformed from an all-out underachiever into a....

Millionaire At Just Age 26!

I can understand if you're still skeptical and that is why I know you want to see PROOF that I can back up everything I'm saying here.

This magazine article above did a feature on me about how I managed to transform from being an all out underachiever and failure into a millionaire at just age 26.

Now that I've gotten your attention and proved to you that I did indeed become a millionaire at 26, you're probably asking me this right now...

"How Did I Do It?"

When I was eight, I was expelled from school for misbehavior and my parents had to go round the country begging other schools to let me study in their school. I was a total misfit.

I did so poorly for my primary school leaving examinations that I was rejected from ALL the secondary schools of my choice and I was dumped into a school called Ping Yi. I was academically very weak and was always the slowest in class. I failed in four subjects of the eight I was taking and soon enough I found myself placed at the bottom of my entire cohort.

Not only was I poor in studies, I was also physically weak and mentally lethargic. I had poor social skills, I was bored, indifferent and soon I was labeled as a 'problem student'.

I joined the boy scouts in an effort to learn valuable skills and widen my social circle but after only six months, I was thrown out of the club because I couldn't pass the most basic test needed to qualify as a scout. I didn't even bother to try again.

To make things even worse, my cousins were gifted students and attended the best schools in the country. Because of that, I really began to think I was born lazy, slow, unmotivated, maybe even stupid.

Like most troubled teenagers, I soon found myself addicted to the TV and video games and I allowed myself to sink into a catatonic stupor just to escape all the pain.

In a heap of despair and almost as a last resort, my parents decided to ship me off to a 5-day training camp designed for teenagers. And little did I know that that was THE turning point of my life.

I discovered a mind technology call Neuro-Linguistic Programming and from that day onwards...


I suddenly realized why I wasn't getting the results I wanted in life.

I also discovered how I could turn things around and what I needed to do if I wanted to achieve massive success. And so I sat down, took out a piece of paper and started writing down what I really wanted to do with my life.

Today, I run 3 businesses with a combined annual turnover of over $20 million. I'm a bestselling author of five books, three of which are retailing on Amazon.com (click here to verify).

And I'm now one of the top peak performance coaches and speakers in Asia, and I've trained over 245,000 professionals, executives and business owners how to tap their personal power and achieve excellence in their various fields of endeavor.

(Needless to say, my parents are very pleased.)

Now, I'm not telling you this to show off to you. That would be the very last thing on my mind.

The reason why I'm telling you this is because, if an underachiever like me can transform into a success in life, then there's absolutely nothing stopping you from achieving the same level of results in your life as well!

Absolutely nothing.

The Missing Link Between YOU and Your Success...

It's NOT your fault at all if you haven't achieved the results you want!

You just haven't discovered the RIGHT strategies to achieving massive wealth and success in life. You could slog really hard all your life, but we all know hard work doesn't guarantee you success.

In other words, you will never see the sunrise if you keep on running west!

How many hardworking people do you know that scrimp every month just to make ends meet?

Doing the same things you've been doing in the past will bring you the same results. You need to take a NEW set actions, if you want a new set of results. You need to discover the proven strategies for success, or you'd just be wasting your time working hard at things that bring you little or no results.

So what are these proven strategies for success?

What are the common behaviors and principles that ALL successful people possess that allow them to achieve more with less?

I call them the Patterns Of Excellence.

Here's What You'll Discover In The Patterns Of Excellence...

CD1 - The Ultimate Success Formula

The Ultimate Success Formula and how it holds the key to achieving any result you want in life.
The ONE thing that separates the dreamers and the doers in life.
Why someone less talented and intelligent can become a massive success and what this means to you.
How to overcome ANY setback or failure you encounter and use it to propel you even faster towards your goals.
The 3 ways people deal with failure and the one which all successful people pick!
... and much more!

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CD2 - The Power Of States & Physiology

How to literally use your body to program your mind for success.
How to constantly stay in a peak state to ensure peak performance in any situation.
How to motivate yourself instantly whenever the need or situation calls for it.
How to be in control of your emotional states instead of your states being in control of you.
How to break out of any procrastination or any negative state immediately!
... and much more!

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CD3 - Submodalities

What are submodalities and how they affect the way you think and perceive everything.
How to direct your focus towards the goals you want to achieve in life.
How to use submodalities to snap you back into a peak state immediately!
How to use submodalities to breakthrough any past setback or failure that's been holding you back.
... and much more!

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CD4 - The Power Of Beliefs & Anchoring

Why the beliefs you hold will decide how successful or wealthy you become in life.
How your beliefs are created and how they affect your every action or decision you make.
How to discover empowering beliefs that help you achieve your goals even faster!
Why your current beliefs could actually be holding you back from achieving the results you want in life!
How to collapse negative beliefs and prevent them from holding you down any longer.
... and much more!

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CD5 - Designing Your Life & Reframing

The biggest reason why I was able to become a millionaire at age 26, when my peers were only earning $2,000 a month.
The biggest thing that will stand in your way on your path to success, and how you can smash through it!
Why you must have a plan for your life and set measurable goals right now, if you want to become successful.
Event + ________ = Results. The missing link to achieving the results you want.
How to turn any negative event in the past into a positive force to drive you towards success even faster!
... and much more!

And That's Not All!

Here's even MORE of what you're about to receive...

CD6 - Values: Your Driving Force

What are values, and how they drive every decision and choice you make.
Why you will NEVER achieve your goals if your values are all screwed-up!
How to discover your own current set of values and how they've affected your past behavior and actions you've taken.
How your values could actually be preventing you from achieving the success you want in life!
How to develop empowering values that will propel you towards your goals.
... and much more!

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CD7 - The Magic Of Rapport

How to gain instant rapport with anyone you meet and have them liking you from the get-go!
The 3 fundamental components of successful interpersonal communication skills.
The 4 major elements of rapport and how to use them for successful rapport building.
How to influence people and inspire them like a natural leader!
How to avoid the common communication mistakes that most people out there make.
... and much more!

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CD8 - Language Patterns I: The Milton Model

What is the Milton Model and how to use to subtly influence people.
How to embed commands within your communication using the power of presuppositions.
Milton Model language patterns you can use right now to successfully influence people.
How advertisements, public relations, and politicians have been using this skill to influence people towards their chosen outcomes.
... and much more!

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CD9 - Language Patterns II: The Meta Model

What is the Meta Model and how to use it in effective communication.
How you can lead a person to a chosen outcome using the Meta Model.
Meta Model language patterns you can use to tactfully elicit information from people.
How to use the Meta Model to change a person's beliefs and values.
... and much more!

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CD10 - Strategies

What are strategies and how they affect the actions you take everyday.
How certain strategies you have now are sabotaging your chances of success.
How to create an empowering strategy that will drive you towards your goals on autopilot!
How to replicate a successful person's strategy for yourself.
How to install a successful strategy, so you can fire off your peak performance states instantly!
... and much more!

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The Patterns Of Excellence is a success blueprint I've developed and personally use MYSELF to achieve the level of results I have today.

It is a complete step-by-step system that will literally program you for success and help you achieve the goals you want in life.

How do I know this stuff works?

I became a millionaire at age 26 not by some random fluke, not by inheritance, and not by winning the lottery. I became so successful at such a young age because I discovered the Patterns Of Excellence and I applied the principles into my life.

Success does NOT happen by chance. It happens by design.

The question that's probably on your mind right is:

"Yes Adam! It worked for you. But will it work just as well for me?"

Well, don't just take my word for it. See what happens when REAL people use time-tested, real-life success strategies.

"Made $250,000 6 Months After Program!"

I started two businesses in the area of training and IT, achieving a quarter of a million dollars within 6 months of this fantastic program.

I now run a successful online business as well, giving me the time and freedom that I never had before.

Patterns Of Excellence is THE program to teach you the secrets of success!

Andrew Wee
Business Owner, Internet Marketer

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"My Bank Balance Has Swelled!"

From the beginning, I made the decision to give this program all I have got. I have wanted to learn NLP from a perspective that is new to me and from world renowned trainers.

I know from friends in Singapore and previous contact with Adam that he communicates truth with integrity, not a bunch of filler or garbage.

I have bought a course from Adam before and I know he really delivers because my bank balance has swelled since applying just a few nuggets of wisdom and there isn't much better proof than that when it comes to judging a self-improvement course!

After going through this program, I immediately discovered how I could have control over my emotional states. For example, this weekend I foolishly got a parking ticket for taking a business lunch on a Sunday and not checking if there were still charges for parking on a Sunday.

Before this program, that would drive me crackers and there would be anger directed outward at the world, society, myself, my family and detriment to all my life as I would try to medicate the feelings with food, more anger, denial and what have you.

However, within two hours I was "sending out love" to the warden and feeling so immensely grateful for the lesson learned as well as I found out how to get 50% off the fine. It was a blessing in disguise!

Secondly, my performance in trading will improve 5000% this year. I would not be surprised if I make a million dollars in the next year. Thirdly, I have come away with a deeper honesty and understanding in my personal relationships (including and especially marriage).

I would recommend this program to anyone who knows they have what it takes deep down but if you honestly look at your results you know you are not fulfilling that potential to reach towards the destiny you really and truly desire and deserve.

Expect transformation as you pick up skills that are proven by the results people have had with them, and guess what, with this technology, you are no different and CAN achieve your goals. Grab this program, follow it diligently and apply it with faith and determination and you will find this out first hand.

Sam Beatson
THE Master Forex Trainer
Sheffield, United Kingdom

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"Tripled My Income In Less Than 2 Months!"

As a Financial Planner, I had always been able to achieve the Million Dollar Round Table status, qualifying me among the top 1% of insurance advisors around the world.

However, through the principles in this program, I learnt to set a quantum target of tripling my sales and income and qualifying for the prestigious Court of the Table. I achieved this just within 2 months.

Lorraine Koh
Financial Planner

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"Achieved Top Ratings In My Career!"

I phenomenally improved my effectiveness as a university lecturer after learning the success techniques and strategies in the Patterns Of Excellence.

I applied what I learnt to my job and I went on to achieve top ratings as voted among my students after this program.

I am now more successful in my career and the success principles I learnt in this program can be applied anywhere!

Dr Radhi Raja
Singapore Institute Of Management (Open University)

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"Started Two Profitable Businesses In Education And Entrepreneurship!"

After the program, I started two new successful businesses in education and entrepreneurship.

Patterns Of Excellence has taught me the formula to personal success and has given me the courage and confidence to breakthrough my setbacks and fears.

Anne Chin
Anne Chin English Dynamics Pte Ltd

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"I Started A Profitable Childcare Business!"

I couldn't believe it!

One moment I was crying at the sight of the snake, the next moment I was holding it! I broke through a phobia that I thought I would have for the rest of my life.

This experience convinced me that I could break through my limiting beliefs and I did.

I managed to successfully transform my 10 years of experience in childcare into a profitable business. I couldn't have done it without learning the success principles in the Patterns Of Excellence.

Kalai Selvi
Founder & Principal Educator

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"Achieved Top Sales Position Within 3 Months!"

Being an accountancy graduate, I made a huge career switch by going into property sales. Initially, I was worried that I would not be able to excel.

However, after the Patterns of Excellence training, I set a huge goal of becoming the top in my division and to be promoted to a team manager!

With the NLP techniques that I applied consistently, I made it within 3 months!

Tok Li Nah
Land Banking Consultant
Walton International Group (S) Pte Ltd

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"Scored A's In My Final Year Exams And Went On To Start Two Businesses After Graduation!"

I lost much interest in studying and my friend encouraged me to listen to this program in the midst of my exams.

By the first day of going through this program, I was overwhelmed by the personal success and communication technologies available to me to achieve the results I wanted.

I went on to score A's in my exams and after graduation, instead of following the traditional route of finding a job, I decided to take charge of my destiny and started two successful and profitable businesses.

Charles Tng
Business Owner
SpeedB Enterprise

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"This Is The Most Powerful Information I Have EVER Come Across!"

Patterns Of Excellence was the best investment I ever made. It gave me the strategies to triple my productivity, and that means ALOT to me. Working on an online business and pursuing a University degree is now POSSIBLE!

I would have never been able to achieve this if I hadn't learnt all the strategies and principles this program taught me.

This is a no holds barred approach to seriously helping people understand the process of goal-setting, getting things done (GTD), Ultimate Success Formula and taking charge of my emotions.

Finally, I have found the "missing link" to proceed toward my goals! This has been the most powerful program I have EVER come across, and is definitely a must-have program in your library of personal development programs!

This program is to the point, no fluff, just the good parts. Great job!

Joel Chue
Internet Marketer

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"A Model Of Excellence!"

Dear Adam,

I bought the Patterns of Excellence program because I wanted to take my training business to another level. I was amazed by the simplicity and the content of the program.
In two weeks time after purchasing your program and applying what i have learned from the program, attendance to my Core Confidence Program increased by 40% -- making it the most popular program of its kind in South Africa. Thank you very much for being such an amazing model of excellence.

Mandlenkosi Ngceba
Internationally Trained Life Coach & NLP Master Practitioner
Cape Town, South Africa

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"Eternally Grateful To Adam And His Course!"

Patterns Of Excellence has changed my life completely. It is one of the most comprehensive, easy to follow step-by-step courses I have ever done.

Previously to following Adams' course, I had read what seemed like every book, listened to all sorts of positive thinking tapes, I'd even watched the movie "The Secret" so I knew how powerful the mind is, and how it works. So why and what was I doing wrong? Why wasn't I wealthy yet?

If I supposedly had the answers, and knew the how's, what was I missing? I believed I had the Mindset, at least some knowledge, I knew the laws of attraction, Yet, Why wasn't that enough? Why was I still getting nowhere? And it certainly was not the lack of trying or hard work. Believe me I had tried everything, with little or no success before this.

After finishing Adams' Course, I finally had the answers I needed and the exact reasons why I had been failing miserably, and had been so unfocused, even after knowing what I had already learnt. All My Aha! moments were right there, in plain English, on the pages in this course.

I couldn't believe it...... It honestly brought me to tears, realising what I had been doing wrong, and best of all how I could change everything for the better. You know the saying, "When the student is ready the teacher appears" before this course, I thought I had been ready for years, and even had a few great teachers, but for reasons unknown to me at the time, Nothing had really sunk in, Until I fully understood the whys from Patterns Of Excellence.

My whole life is changing for the better daily since, I am certainly more focused, I am only finding great opportunities that I am having success with, and all the resources that I need to move forward each day. And I believe it came about from acknowledging what I learnt from Adam and for that I am Eternally grateful.

Don't get me wrong, I still have good days and bad days, like everyone else, It is how you learn and your perception of these that will ultimately put you in the winning circle! And this course will teach you exactly that and so much more! Don't just wish for success, Get this course, Follow it, Do it, and you too can have it!


Dianne Kneller
Auckland, New Zealand

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These are all real examples of real people who have gone on to create REAL results in their lives. The Patterns Of Excellence is so powerful because it works for anyone who is serious about achieving success in life. Period.

The Patterns Of Excellence 10 CD home study course is based on our Patterns Of Excellence LIVE Seminar Program. To attend just module one of this seminar, it would cost you at least $1,600. Have a look...

And we always sell out every time we run the seminar, even at this price!

So knowing that it will cost you over $1,600 just to attend the LIVE seminar and discover the lifetime success secrets we reveal, how much would the home study version be worth to you?

However because you had the chance to discover and land on this website, I offer the Patterns Of Excellence home study course at a massively discounted rate of just $1,600 $127.

Why The BIG Discount?

Simple. Because when you place your order online for the digital home study course of this program, I don't have to bear the costs of running a full 4-day seminar.

I don't have to pay for using a seminar hall, renting of tables and chairs, logistics, hiring of staff, etc. This way, I get to save massively on costs, and I also get to pass on these savings to you, the customer.

All you need is an Internet connection and you can instantly download the program onto your computer, right in the comfort of your own home.

Now if you think that's already a great deal, check out these Fast Action Bonuses you're going to receive when you make your order today:

Fast Action Bonus #1
Patterns Of Excellence Worksheet Manual
You will get this 140-page Patterns Of Excellence manual that is packed with worksheets and exercises that are designed to help you get the MOST out of this program.

Inside this manual, you will find even more information and examples of the powerful strategies that are revealed to you in the 10 CDs.

This is the exact same manual my $1,600 per head seminar attendees receive and it's yours today in PDF as a free bonus.

This is a $297 value. Yours absolutely FREE!

Fast Action Bonus #2
Transcripts To Every Patterns Of Excellence CD

You will also get the transcripts to every Patterns Of Excellence CD. That means all 10 of them. Use the transcripts along with CDs, or even just read them on their own if you wish or if you don't have the time to review an entire CD.

My LIVE Patterns Of Excellence seminar attendees don't even get this! This exclusive bonus is only available when it comes along with this 10 CD home study course and it's yours in 10 PDFs absolutely free as well.

This is a $397 value. Yours absolutely FREE!

Fast Action Bonus #3
Inside The Minds Of Winners E-Book
You will get a copy of this 289-page e-book - 'Inside The Minds Of Winners'.

This book will reveal to you in 9 in-depth interviews with successful millionaires, the secrets to how successful people really think and perceive the world around them. And the different actions that they take that allow them to become massively successful in the first place.

This bonus is a limited offer and I may remove it at anytime without warning.

This is a $97 value. Yours absolutely FREE!

Total Value Of Bonuses = $791.00

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You get all three Fast Action Bonuses worth $791.00 absolutely FREE. You can download them immediately along with your Patterns of Excellence program.

If you are still reading this up to here, it can only mean you are studying this whole letter intently and that you are serious about achieving breakthrough results in your life. Then I am 100% certain that the Patterns Of Excellence will be the program that will slingshot you on your way to massive success. Click here to get started now.

However, because I want to give you the most value I can possibly give, and I am supremely confident that the Patterns Of Excellence will undoubtedly work to supercharge your success, I'm even offering this guarantee to you.

My IRON-CLAD 100% Money-Back Guarantee

If for any reason whatsoever that the Patterns Of Excellence do not undoubtedly work to supercharge your life, career, relationships, and skyrocket you towards personal success... simply ask for a FULL 100% refund within the next 56 days and I will return you every single penny - no questions asked!

In fact, even if you do decide to ask for a refund... I still want you to keep the program!

This way, you're not the one taking the risk. I am.

You simply cannot lose on a deal like this. Simply download the program today, test it out for the next 56 days, and if you think that it's not helping you one bit, just ask for a refund and you still get to keep the program for FREE.

You could screaming right now - "Adam, are you crazy!?"

But I'm doing this only because I am supremely confident I am that the Patterns Of Excellence will undoubtedly work for YOU. Period. Click here to download the program now.

Are You Really SERIOUS About Your Success In Life?

I have met many people from all walks of life through my trainings and seminars, and everyone I've met ALL say that they want to become successful in life. But then only a token few ever really do become successful.

Why is that?

Because most people are not willing to do whatever it takes to become successful. They sit around waiting for a miracle to happen or some bright idea that will make them a million dollars. But success NEVER happens this way.

Success happens by choice, NOT by chance.

Most people say they want to become successful. What they really mean is that they wish, hope, or like to succeed, but they never actually make it a MUST. So when they face setback or failure, these people give up easily and they never achieve their goals in life. Their goals are nothing more than just feeble desires.

Only the top 2% of individuals in the world are willing to take massive action to make their dreams come true. They are COMMITTED to becoming successful. To them being a success in life is a MUST. And true enough, time and time again, you will notice that people who succeed in life always show this level of commitment.

So which type of individual are you?

Are you someone who wishes, hopes, or likes to succeed OR are you someone who is 100% committed to your own success in life?

You can choose to leave this website right now, waste the last 20 minutes reading up to here, and just go back to your same old life, take the same old actions, and get the same old results again and again. Nothing's going to change!

... OR

If you are truly committed to bringing the best out of yourself and you want to succeed in your life, work, and relationships, then I sincerely urge you to take the next BIG step towards your goals by discovering the Patterns Of Excellence for yourself. I guarantee it will transform your life around, as it did for mine.


Yes Adam! I'm Ready To Discover The Patterns Of Excellence And Start Living A Life Of Achievement And Success Starting From This Very Moment Now!

I understand my order will be processed on a totally secure server, and once it is processed, I will be able to immediately download my purchase ... even if it's 2am on a Sunday.
I understand I will immediately get $791.00 worth of additional bonuses that will supplement the information in the program.
I understand that I have 56 days (8 weeks) to test each and every bit of information in your program and if I am not 100% thrilled with my Patterns Of Excellence program, I can still get a full refund. No questions asked.
I understand that I still get to keep the entire Patterns Of Excellence program and each of the 3 bonuses, even if I request a refund! There is NO way I can lose out on an irresistible deal such as this.

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Adam Khoo

PS. You're getting a MASSIVE discount on the Patterns Of Excellence. I charge $1,600 for the LIVE Patterns Of Excellence seminar, but because you can make your order online for the home study course it's yours for only $1,600 $127. You're practically learning the same success secrets at less than a tenth of the normal price!

PPS. Remember you have a full 56-day money back guarantee. Test the Patterns Of Excellence program out for yourself and if you really think that it doesn't benefit you in any way at all, simply ask for a 100% refund, and you get to keep the program for FREE.


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